Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Blick vom König-Albert-Turm aus dem Spiegelwald (Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg)
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Foto: Stadtverwaltung Lauter-Bernsbach
Schneeberg Siebenschlehener Pochwerk (Foto: Dirk Rückschloss)
Foto: Städtebund Silberberg / Carsten Wagner
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Blick nach Bernsbach (Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg)
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The beginnings of the town of Schwarzenberg, also called the "Pearl of the Erzgebirge", date back to the middle of the 12th century. The development of the town was essentially shaped by mining and the resulting mining industry. Through its connection to the railway network in the 19th century and the accompanying industrialisation, Schwarzenberg gained increasing importance in and for the region as a centre of business, culture and life.


Today, the approx. 46 km² town area is home to about 16,000 inhabitants. The town includes the districts of Bermsgrün, Erla-Crandof, Pöhla and Grünstädtel.

Schwarzenberg offers ideal conditions for hikers of all ages due to its wonderful location in the low mountain range of the Erzgebirge.


Schwarzwassertal mit Schwarzenberger Altstadt (Foto Jürgen Leonhardt)

The town area itself is characterised by the incised river valleys and the high mountains and ranges in altitude from about 400 to 820 metres above sea level.


Schwarzenberg's historic listed old town greets visitors with its unmistakable landmark castle and St. George's Church above the river Schwarzwasser. Numerous other sights and nationally important events attract thousands of visitors to the town every year.


It is an ideal starting point for many tourist undertakings, hikes and excursions around the town and in the surrounding area.


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