Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Schneeberg Siebenschlehener Pochwerk (Foto: Dirk Rückschloss)
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Foto: Städtebund Silberberg / Carsten Wagner
Blick vom König-Albert-Turm aus dem Spiegelwald (Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg)
Blick nach Bernsbach (Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg)
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Foto: Stadtverwaltung Lauter-Bernsbach
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
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"Baroque Town", "Christmas Town" or "The Silver Heart of Saxony" are affectionate epithets for the town of Schneeberg, which was shaped by silver mining and is surrounded by unique nature. The Filzteich, once built as a dam for the mining industry, is now a lido and recreation area. The water of the inlet springs from a high moor, which is why a bath is said to have healing powers.


Even the approach is impressive, as you drive along winding country roads to the historic town in the shadow of the late Gothic St. Wolfgang's Church. Even the neighbouring peaks of Keilberg and Gleesberg seem to pause here in almost mystical silence, and the last traces of rushed time shimmer brightly in the glistening midday sun.

Blick auf St. Wolfgang_Daniel Leistner
Foto Lars Rosenkranz

A visit to Schneeberg - that's an active holiday, nature experience and educational trip all in one, as Goethe already knew.


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