Foto: Städtebund Silberberg / Carsten Wagner
Schneeberg Siebenschlehener Pochwerk (Foto: Dirk Rückschloss)
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Blick nach Bernsbach (Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg)
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Blick vom König-Albert-Turm aus dem Spiegelwald (Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg)
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
Foto: Stadtverwaltung Lauter-Bernsbach
Foto: PM Wanderbarer Silberberg
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The town of Lauter-Bernsbach is located in the Erzgebirge district between Aue-Bad Schlema and Schwarzenberg and is a member of the Silberberg Association of Towns. It was created in 2013 through the merger of the municipality of Bernsbach with the town of Lauter. The historical roots of the two towns date back to the 12th century. The district of Oberpfannenstiel also belongs to the town.


Today, almost 9,000 people live here on a municipal area of 30.28 km². Lauter-Bernsbach is known beyond the town and state borders as the "town of rowan berries".


After the decline of medieval mining, the industrialisation of the two towns took place in the 19th century. Since then, mechanical engineering, sheet metal processing and the manufacture of enamelware have been inseparably linked with Lauter-Bernsbach. The tradition of Erzgebirge laboratory work, which is carried on today by the Lautergold company, also goes back a long way.

Lauter von Bernsbach

The "Vugelbeerfast", which is celebrated annually for 3 days at the beginning of October in the district of Lauter, is known nationwide. The festival is dedicated to the mountain ash tree, known in the Erzgebirge as the "Vugelbeer-baam". A special highlight of the festival is the crowning of the "Vugelbeer Königin". The landscape of Lauter-Bernsbach is characterised by the ridges of the Morgenleithe (812 m above sea level) and the Spiegelwald (728 m above sea level) as well as by the valley of the Schwarzwasser, a tributary of the Zwickauer Mulde, and is a charming piece of nature in the Westerzgebirge. Because of its magnificent panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, the district of Bernsbach is also affectionately known as the "balcony of the Erzgebirge".


The town of Lauter-Bernsbach is characterised by its convenient location with direct connections to the regional bus and rail network and many sights. It is an ideal starting point for many tourist undertakings, hikes and excursions around the town and in the surrounding area.


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Stadtverwaltung Lauter-Bernsbach


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